UNIST, University of Basel and Wake Forest (USA) received a prestigious grant on “Organ-mimetic devices & bioprinting”

A consortium formed by UNIST (Ulsan National Institute of Science & Technology) University of Basel and Wake Forest (USA) won a prestigious grant by the Korean Government, a so-called Global Research Devel-opment Center (GRDC) by the National Research Foundation. The project is focused on research but should have a strong application/innovation focus and we will use it to build bridges between research & industry in Basel/Korea/USA. The focal point is on “Organ-mimetic devices & 3-D bioprinting” that means, using different technologies to artificially replicate organs and print organs using biomaterials. The project is guided by Prof. Ghim in UNIST and Prof. Zeilhofer as a PI in Basel.
“The goal of the proposal is set to provide a drug screening platform based on organ-memetic devices and 3D bioprinting. Using lab-on-a-chip technology for drug screening is, per se, no more a novel idea – Christian Schneider, Head of Innovation at University of Basel said – but we will integrate all the technologies we have combine it with the needs and feedbacks of clinicians and pharmacists. I think this latter part is where Team Basel stands as an essential pillar for a successful collaboration network.”

Source: news.unist.ac.kr – Jul 27