“Together in Excellence” at Postech, GIST, SNU Engineering

Over the last days, the Science & Technology Office of the Swiss Embassy co-organised three events to promote scientific collaboration and exchange. The events, named “Together in Excellence” were held in cooperation with Seoul National University (College of Engineering), GIST (Gwangju Institute of Science & Technology) and POSTECH. At SNU and GIST, the designated Swiss research representatives Profs Bernhard Egger and Bongjin Simon Mun greatly helped to organised the two events.

In total, about 150 students took part in these events. In terms of the level of students, the majority were PhD students, followed by Masters students.

At POSTECH and GIST, the event was held in cooperation with the German Academic Exchange Office DAAD and the Technical University Munich (TUM) Asia.

ETH Zürich was represented at Postech with Prof Bradley Nelson introducing the university and IRIS, the Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems at ETHZ.

Promoting Exchange of Young Researchers

Since Switzerland and Korea are currently advertising a new program for young researcher exchange, the events served as platform to promote this funding opportunity. Students showed a lot of interest in being able to spend up to 3 months in a lab at a Swiss university.

Further details about the exchange program can be found here: Open Calls.

At SNU and Postech, exchange programs with ETH Zürich and EPFL are also actively used on the undergraduate level.