swissnexDay’19 | Earth’s Guardian : Using Space Tech for a Sustainable Future

The swissnex Network presents its annual signature event:

swissnexDay’19 will explore how space technologies and services can contribute to a sustainable future on earth.

Wednesday, 11 December 2019, 13.30h 18.00h
SwissTech Convention Center, EPFL, Lausanne

Registration and Program

Join us for an exciting conversation with keynotes from Minoo Rathnasabapathy (MIT Media Lab), an expert in advancing justice in earth’s complex systems using designs enabled by space, and Moriba Jah (University of Austin), a world-recognized researcher in astrodynamics-based space domain awareness sciences and technologies.

Minoo Rathnasabapathy and Moriba Jah will be joined on stage by the following subject matter experts and space entrepreneurs:
Susmita Mohanty from Earth2Orbit
Muriel Richard-Noca from EPFL and ClearSpace
Nicolas Thomas from the University of Bern

With State Secretary Martina Hirayama in attendance, the event will be a great opportunity to network and exchange ideas with representatives from the education, research, and private sectors, as well as with our swissnex CEOs and the Science Counselors based in 22 countries.

1:30pm Doors open, registration, showcase and pre-networking
2:30pm Auditorium doors open, programming begins
4:45pm Networking, showcase, apéro riche
6:00pm It’s a wrap!