Swiss Medtech Start-ups to Visit Korea

The second Swiss MedTech Start-up Program was held from April 24th to 26th in Seoul. The first edition of this event was launched last year, following the growing interest in life science and medical technologies in Switzerland and in Korea. This 3-day matchmaking event was organised by the Science & Technology Office at the Embassy of Switzerland and supported by Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI) of Switzerland and the Swiss Korean Life Science Initiative. The main goals of this program was to introduce the start-ups to practical tips for validating, testing and entering the Korean medtech market as well as to support Swiss-Korean partnerships in medical technologies. The program included informative sessions about IP processes, certification and an overview of the MedTech market in Korea. In addition, three hospital visits with B2B meetings have been arranged with Severance Hospital, Samsung Medical Center and Korea University Guro Hospital. A pitching session followed by a networking dinner with more than 20 Korean experts in medical technologies, investors, physicians and university professors has also been organized.



Three Swiss start-ups participated in the program this year:

  • Sophia Genetics: This fast growing start-up is global leader in data-driven medicine. Sophia Genetics developed innovative algorithms for the most precise analysis of clinical genetic testing samples. Their artificial intelligence platform helps to improve patients’ diagnostics and treatments. The more genomic data  included in the analysis, the more precise the output gets because the software learns from it. Currently present in 47 countries, Sophia Genetics hopes that Korean patients will benefit from their service in the future.
  • PharmaSens: World diabetes cases are expected to jump by more than 50% by 2035. Usually, glucose monitoring systems and insulin pumps are separated from each other. In order to increase patient’s comfort, PharmaSens developed a very new and safe device for insulin delivery with integrative continuous glucose monitoring. This all-in-one device is still at the development stage and PharmaSens was interested in getting feedbacks from Korean experts as well as a R&D partner in Korea.
  • VirtaMed: VirtaMed developed a state-of-the-art medical simulator for minimally invasive surgery. Thanks to their simulators, physicians can train themselves with a easy-to-use and progressive tool. Using highly realistic graphics, real instruments and the best possible tactile feedback, VirtaMed’s simulators are the most realistic simulators in the market. Currently in use in various countries, Virtamed wanted to meet physicians and medical institutions in Korea.

Overall, the entire program was done successfully, and initiated Swiss medtech start-ups to build up partnership with Korean medtech field.