Swiss-Korean VET Orientation 2016

On July 19, Swiss-Korean Vocational Education and Training Orientation was hosted at the Embassy of Switzerland in the Republic of Korea. The event was organized by the Embassy, Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology (KIAT), Korea Electronics Association and ED research.


Some students from Roche Diagnostics, Maxon Motor and Buhler have been training in Switzerland since last summer and could send their personal experiences and impression in a form of video interview. Mr. Kwang Jun Kim presented his one year experience in Switzerland and actively interchanged questions and answers from audience. It was useful for those who are preparing to leave during this summer 2016 to Switzerland. Trainees could present about what kind of skills and expertise they got trained at the companies in both languages, English and German very fluently.


The event was helpful in facilitating a linkage among the trainee students and Swiss companies from both new and experienced ones. The event helped students training from different Swiss companies to network and to become more integrated into the Swiss Vocational Education System.

Here you can download presentation files:

VET Program Introduction

VET Program Orientation

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