Introduction to Swiss-Korean Innovation Week 2020

The Science and Technology Office (STO) of the Embassy of Switzerland in Seoul and part of the swissnex network is responsible for facilitating cooperation between Switzerland and Korea in research and innovation. In order to achieve this goal, STO organizes every year the Swiss-Korean Innovation Week. The 2020 selected topic is Circular Economy. It will take place in REMOTE between the 2nd and 5th of June 2020.

Below an overview of our events:

SKIW 2020 turns DIGITAL


  • Demonstrate the excellency of the Swiss innovative ecosystem by introducing cutting edge researches and
    significant examples of technology transfer from academia to industry
  • Establish and/or extend the collaboration of Swiss researchers and companies interested in R&D to Korean
    organizations based on the complementarity of the two countries’ strengths.
  • Explore Korean market opportunities for young entrepreneurs looking for internationalization to Asia
  • Scout innovative ideas from international group of experts, young entrepreneurs and students in Korea.

Why Korea?

  • The Republic of Korea is one of the leading global research nations in the area IT, communication, transport, civil engineering and has topped for the 6th straight year the Bloomberg Innovative Index as the world’s most innovative nation in 2019. The Country strengths are complementary to the Swiss ones paving the way to cooperation beneficial on both sides
  • As a home country of world giants such as Samsung, LG and Hyundai exporting machinery, automotive, semiconductors and petroleum products worldwide, the Country welcomes collaboration to be always at the forefront of innovation, increase value and differentiate products in the global market
  • If on the one hand Korea is 2nd country after Germany for recycling rate, on the other hand is the largest plastic consumer per capita among the OECD countries as a side effect of its rapid development into a prosperous country. Nowadays, Government and companies are developing top-down strategies to reduce waste production by also fostering cooperation with research institutions and private organizations.  It is the perfect time to highlight about Swiss sustainable and clean image, cutting-edge research and successful technology transfer
  • The country is now recognised for having the highest government backing per capita for start-ups, according to Forbes. The South Korean government runs a business-friendly visa programme called OASIS, for Overall Assistance for Start-up Immigration System, to attract foreign entrepreneurs.
  • Seoul is a vibrant ecosystem for startups to prosper: startup events, accelerators, angel investors, co-working spaces, venture capitalism and
    incubator programs. There has been a tremendous surge of fund for the development of this ecosystem, which is attractive for foreign startups
  • Swiss and Korean funding agencies (Innosuisse and KIAT) promote bilateral joint calls for innovative projects between academia and industry. The Swiss-Korean Innovation Week is the perfect platform to establish connections to take advantage of this opportunity.

Expected outcomes

  • Establishment of a knowledge transfer platform where scientists and entrepreneurs can connect each other for
    sustainable future collaborations
  • Initiate tangible collaboration projects by making good use of each player’ strength to increase impact
  • Identify reasons for a Go/No Go which can guide the decisional process for internationalization to Korea (exploration for startups)