Swiss-Dutch SEMICONtech Week in Korea

In occasion of the SEMICON Conference, the “Swiss-Dutch SEMICONTECH Week in Korea” has been jointly organized by the Swiss and the Dutch Embassies in Seoul. It aimed to facilitate the connection between semiconductor industry in Korea and research institutions active in this field in Switzerland and the Netherlands, and promoted by Samsung Ventures. Korea is a perfect soil for this meeting due to its dynamism and leading position in semiconductor industry and market. Dutch and Swiss cutting-edge research institutions attract every year a growing number of brilliant brains and strongly support technology transfer process.

Switzerland has been represented by ETH Zurich, CSEM and PSI which introduced the institutions and spin-offs during a public seminar attended by about 130 people on January 22nd. In the audience many prepresentatives from Samsung and partners. Active Q&A sessions confirmed the interest of the participants followed by networking and B2B meetings.

Swiss and Dutch delegations visited in the following days Samsung electronics and LG Science Park for more technical pitches in front of engineers and masters.

Both embassies look forward to further developments – cooperation and or investments – between Switzerland, the Netherlands institutions and Korean semiconductor industry.