Study in Europe Fair in Seoul

Study in Europe Fair was held in Seoul, Korea on June 4th and June 5th at KEB Hana Bank HQ Building for two days:

  • Saturday 4 June 1PM (13:00) – 6PM (18:00)
  • Sunday 5 June 1PM (13:00) – 6PM (18:00)

This was a follow-up event to the 8th Study and Research in Europe Fair in 2015, sponsored by the European Delegation’s ERASMUS+ program in Seoul, South Korea.



The fair had total of 51 institutions (including embassies, universities, and education institutions) including the Science and Technology Office of Seoul. STO represented “Switzerland” and created an opportunity for students in Korea to find out more about the following topics of Switzerland:

  • Bachelor, Master and PhD study programmes
  • Funding and scholarship opportunities
  • How to apply for studies in Switzerland
  • Swiss student life
  • Research opportunities in Switzerland




Exchange and graduate school students in Korea from Switzerland from various Swiss universities (University of Zürich, University of Geneva, University of Basel, ETH Zürich and ZHAW School of Management) volunteered at the Swiss booth during these two days. They were an excellent help guiding the Korean students who were interested in studying in Switzerland and shared their own experience as well.

The fair also included 30-minute seminar presentation on the following main components:

  • Science & Technology Office Seoul mission and goals
  • introduction to Switzerland & education system/universities
  • introduction to research in Switzerland
  • background about bilateral collaboration with Korea

IMG_1793 IMG_1805

This year in the Study in Europe fair, total of 118 people stopped by the Swiss booth to ask substantive questions. The seminar was also quite popular this year. On Saturday, there were approximately 25-30 attendees and on Sunday, approximately 40 attendees for the seminar. The question and answer after the seminar was also active, and the most popular questions raised were as follows:

  • Employment after finishing a degree or research in Switzerland (employment in Switzerland or Europe)
  • Start-up/business opportunities while studying in Switzerland
  • Tuition fee and living cost
  • Visa/citizenship after finishing a degree
  • Korean community in Switzerland; What is the reputation of a Swiss degree in South Korea?
  • How is a Swiss research or educational environment compared to Germany?

Interestingly, many students were curious to find out more about the difference between studying and research in Switzerland and Germany.



Overall, this year’s Study in Europe fair was quite successful. The Swiss booth was quite popular among other institutions. There was frequent traffic at the booth and the seminar presentation was followed up by a quality Q and A session.