Foodtech: How will we eat in the future? (Workshop)

Food is a central element of our lives, and feeding 9.8 billion people in 2050 will require new tools and concepts. Environmental challenges, new technologies and digitalization allow us to explore new concepts of food production, preservation and consumption. In agriculture, for instance, the concerns about efficiency, sustainability and environmental impacts are accelerating the digitalisation processes and the adoption of new technologies to cope with consumer and market demands. In parallel, there is a growing interest in healthier lifestyles and customised diets. Plant-based proteins have been gaining attention and new alternatives are constantly becoming available. However, food waste remains a challenge at all the levels of the food supply chains, but various technologies are being developed to prevent it from the farm to our tables.

“FoodTech: How will we eat in the future?” is an event is jointly organized by swissnex Brazil and the Science and Technology Office Seoul as part of the Swiss Digital Days programme and will bring relevant stakeholders together to discuss these issues and identify best-practices in Brazil, Korea and Switzerland.

Topics and Development
The proposed event aims to address the theme of the future of food under the bias of new technological frontiers, digitalisation and the environmental challenges that drive the development of new technologies in the digital and biotechnological field. Using the «tell» format, participants will be divided into three thematic groups to express their views and engage in a collaborative debate with experts from Brazil, South Korea and Switzerland.
To explore this theme and offer participants the opportunity to observe the paths that open up for the future of food three key topics will be highlighted:

A. Agriculture System & Food
Agricultural technology or agrotechnology is the use of technology in agriculture, horticulture, and aquaculture to improve yield, efficiency, and profitability. Agricultural technology can be products, services or applications derived from agriculture that improve various input/output processes. How advanced is digitalisation in agriculture systems and food production? Are there big gaps or resistances in adopting new technologies in farming? What mishaps and pitfalls can affect our sustainability, health, security, and economy in the future of agriculture? How digitalisation and new technologies in agriculture can tackle global challenges, such as hunger, sustainability, health, and energy? Can we shape the cities of the future with new concepts of food production and consumption? Can agritech contribute to building a better tomorrow?

B. Technology & Food (alternative foods and new foods)
With the growing interest in a healthy lifestyle, plant-based protein and fermented food are getting more attention, as more of the health benefits are discovered. Is this reflected in the current offer and vision of the food industry? Science proposes solutions inspired by nature, enhancing nutrients, preventing diseases and creating flavours. Where does it stand? Is the current technology caught up with the market demands for alternative food? Future is now, and together with new products also new services have been enabled by digitalisation. What’s next? Where does science stand, and how does it envision healthy nutrition? What are the avenues for the future of food and food-related services?

C. Food Waste: “PrevenTransforManage”
Food waste is a big challenge for the future of food. The UN estimates that each year around one-third of the food production is wasted, and amounts for 1 trillion US dollars in value. Technologies that prevent rotting during transportation and keep products fresh for longer are vital. That’s also true for technologies that help manage and monitor production and stock levels. What’s the current status and available services/technologies helping prevent food waste?

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