Switzerland R&I in a nutshell

Switzerland R&I

Switzerland is recognized as a global research centre where scientists are involved in groundbreaking research. As Switzerland does not dispose of any natural resources, Science and Technology has always been in the focus of the Swiss economy and has been strongly promoted by the government and the private sector.

Both public and private sectors contribute to research in Switzerland. Following the OECD statistics, the Gross Domestic Expenditure on Research and Development (GERD) are carried by 25% by the Higher Education Sector, 69% by Private Sector, 0.9% by the Government Sector and 1.6% by the Private-Non-Profit Sector.


  • Excellence of human capital: this is encountered at all levels of qualification and along the entire value chain
  • Diversity of local networks: although Switzerland has no actual “cluster policy” at national level, it boasts a wide variety of strong local and regional knowledge and business networks. They are sufficiently densely connected and provide enough institutional variety to ensure growth and renewal.
  • Quality of framework conditions which is satisfactory overall

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