• Large number of startups moves the first steps in spin-off of the main universities
  • Main Swiss universities offer entrepreneurship programs
  • 62% of Swiss startups are in the digital field, 19% in tangible, 13% pharma and only 5% in biotech
  • Swiss National Foundation and Innosuisse supports with proof of concept funds young researchers who would like to develop their research results in marketable product
  • Innosuisse offers services of coaching and training to young entrepreneurs
  • The survival rate of Swiss startups is 50% after 5 years




Some examples of support to young entrepreneurs in Swiss universities

Entrepreneurship at ETH: https://www.ethz.ch/en/industry-and-society/entrepreneurship/ielab.html

Entrepreneurship at EPFL: https://vpi.epfl.ch/EPFL-Spin-offs

Entrepreneurship at University of Basel: https://www.unibas.ch/en/Innovation/Entrepreneurs-Club.html