Korea is well known for the presence of big conglomerates as Samsung, LG, Hyundai etc. working as driving forces for innovation. SMEs are especially focused on manufacturing and startups market is relatively new. During the Government of President Park, Creative Centers for Innovation have been established as co-working spaces where facilitate the exchange of ideas between young entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and mentors. The thematic centers are spread along the countries and work in direct cooperation with major companies of the same domain. The main idea linking creativity and entrepreneurship is that the first begets innovative ideas, the second puts innovation into action. However, if in some extent the creation of those centers by the government and the financial support to the startups through public funds are of great support for the starting of new and young business, they are also responsible for some distrust by the big companies. Indeed, the involvement of the private sector according to the open innovation model is still low in Korea.

Under the Government of President Moon the Ministry for SMEs and startups has been created with the mission to promote business growth, fostering business startups and supporting micro enterprises (http://www.mss.go.kr/site/eng/01/10106010000002017111504.jsp)  

Start-up ecosystem and Creative centers in Korea


·   D Camp (http://dcamp.kr/about_en) Large co-working space started by the Banks Foundation

·      Maru 180 (http://maru180.com/) Co-working space supported by the Asan Nanum Foundation

·      Google Campus Seoul (https://www.campus.co/seoul/en)

·      Naver D2 Startup factory (http://www.d2startup.com)

·      Yozma’s Accelerator (http://yozma.asia/)

·      Creative Economy Centers (www.centerforcreativeeconomy.com/about/ )

     Mentoring and VC investment in collaboration with large Korean companies, totally 17 in all regions of Korea

·      Strong Ventures (strongvc.com) Based in California, supports Korean global entrepreneurs

·      Futureplay (futureplay.co) Accelerating and investing in tech-centred startups

·      Sparklabs (http://www.sparklabs.co.kr/en/html/home.html) Accelerator for ICT and IoT start-ups

·      Primer (https://angel.co/primer-inc) First accelerator in Korea

·      Startup Alliance (http://startupall.kr/?lang=en) Linking Korean start-ups with investors, government

·      BeSuccess (Besuccess.com)

·      Tech for Korea (Techforkorea.com)

·      Platum (platum.kr/k-startupeng)

·      VentureSquare (ventureswuare.net/startups-en)

·      International platforms such as: Techinasia; Techcrunch; Venturebeat etc…