• South Korea invests 4.6% of its GDP in research, it is second worldwide behind Israel
  • Korean Government’s highest investments are in the sectors of Health, Life Science and Food
  • Korea has the second highest amount of total researchers within OECD
  • Graduation rate from university among Korean aged from 24 to 34 is 63% ranking Korea as number 1 among OECD countries


National Research Foundation (NRF)

The National Research Foundation (NRF) is the agency of the Ministry of Science and ICT responsible for funding mainly basic research and supporting young scientists. The mission of this agency is to promote research creativity and nurture global researchers through the improvement of research quality, support to researchers and international cooperation.


Institute for Basic Science

Recently, the Korean Government has heavily invested in basic research through the creation of the Institute for Basic Science (IBS) which include different centers spread along the country. The Institute pursues excellence in basic science research. The goal of IBS is to advance the frontiers of knowledge and to train the leading scientists of tomorrow. IBS was established in November 2011 as Korea’s first dedicated basic science research institute. The centers parts of the institute are spread along the country as head-quarters, campus and extramural centers. By studying the fundamental principles of nature, basic science is essential in creating new knowledge from which significant societal transformations are derived. IBS promotes the highest quality of research that will increase the national basic science capacity and generate new opportunities for this nation.

International cooperation is an important topic for IBS, which focuses on promoting it through a network of collaborations and the involvement of well-known foreign scientists as directors and researchers of part of the centers belonging to the Institute.


Institute for Basic Science