The Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) and its Korean counterpart the National Research Foundation (NRF) are the agencies responsible for bilateral programs funding, implementation and management of S&T activities.

Scientific cooperation between Switzerland and Korea is well established through the partnership between NRF and SNSF. 7 calls for joint projects have been launched so far between the two countries and in different fields of basic science.


  • From 2008-2012, the total amount of money spent by both countries under the Swiss-Korean Cooperation in Science and Technology is more than US$ 3m.
  • Swiss and Korean scientific co-publications number more than 3300.
  • Since 2010, six government-sponsored Swiss-Korean Science Days have taken place:
  • Totally over 30 agreements between Swiss and Korean universities have been signed.
  • About 150 Korean scientists work and 250 Korean students study in Switzerland. Circa 100 Swiss citizens study in Korea.
  • There are currently 3 alumni chapters of Swiss universities in existence: University of St.Gallen Alumni, EPFL Alumni and ETH Zürich Alumni
  • In Switzerland, the Korea Swiss Engineers Association (KSEAS) is organizing meetings of Korean scientists in Switzerland.