Since 2015 Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI), now Innosuisse, and Korean Institute for Advancement of Technology (KIAT) belonging to the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE), established a bilateral funding program open to consortia of research institutions and companies from Switzerland and Korea cooperating on an innovative projects.


The bilateral funding is intended to support:

  • companies and research institutions in Switzerland and South Korea (consortia) aiming to carry out a joint science-based innovation project
  • Swiss companies which see South Korea as a major overseas market, Asian regional hub and research location

The criteria for the applicants are the following:

  • skills and expertise of the Swiss and South Korean partners should be complementary.
  • minimum requirement 1 research institution, 1 Swiss company, and 1 Korean company
  • the planned project brings benefits to the project partners in both countries
  • the planned innovation project is clearly market-oriented and clearly show the impact on both Korean and Swiss market
  • the companies involved have the capability of exploting the result of the research on the market



  • 2017: a Korean delegation of 19 people led by the STO and the KIAT visited Switzerland to strengthen R&D Partnerships in biotech and medtech with companies and professors from Universities. CTI organized the programs.