Zurich meets Seoul: Re-thinking Cities Workshop

“Re-thinking Cities” Workshop

Oct. 1st,  3.30-7pm, Dongdaemun Design Plaza

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Main Goal
The workshop aims to bring together players from public and private sector actively involved in urban planning and development of solutions to urban challenges. They will engage in a dialogue oriented to analyze the current status of cities like Zurich and Seoul, identify challenges and propose solutions in a cooperative spirit. Special attention will be devoted to topics as citizens’ engagement and democracy.

Preparation and development

  • About 60 experts and interested citizens, shared between Switzerland and Korea, will be divided in 3 group discussions.
  • Participants will be mainly proposed by the main partners leading the discussion groups and some opportunities for spontaneous application/participation will be also offered. Profiles of spontaneous applicants will be shared.
  • Documents including the information about the workshop such as logistics, contents, expectations and potential follow-ups will be provided in advance to the participants in order to enhance the ideation process and facilitate the exchange
  • An introduction will be provided at the beginning of the workshop to all participants which will be then split in 3 groups
  • At the beginning of each discussion 2 inspirational presentations (1 from Switzerland and 1 from Korea) will be delivered on the specific subject. The presentations will be prepared by the partners guiding each session of the workshop and will include some inputs to address the main discussion questions
  • One of the organizers per group will also silently attend assuring a smooth development of the discussion according to the schedule and supporting where needed for the logistics.
  • Results from the workshop will be shared among participants at the end of the discussion session
  • A brief summary (slides or prose) of the workshop outcomes will be then sent to the participants

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The 3 Groups

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