President of KAIST visits Swiss embassy

On January 31st,  Ambassador of Switzerland Linus von Castelmur, Head of STO Alessandra Apicella and Deputy Head Ji Hyun Lim had luncheon at the Swiss Residence with President of KAIST Sung-Chul Shin.

Discussions were mainly focused on the comparison of the S&T and innovation ecosystems in Switzerland and Korea, mission of KAIST as leading Tech University in fostering entrepreneurship spirit among professors and students and educating to critical sense. Everything well aligned with the message from the World Economic Forum (WEF).

In this regard President Shin also introduced the new Center for 4th Industrial Revolution at KAIST supported by the Ministry of Science and connected to WEF. It aims to maximize the potential of Korean technology in AI, personalized medicine and blockchain also minimizing the risks for the society.

(News in Korean)


On December 10, KAIST had unveiled the Korea Policy Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (KPC4IR) after joining hands with the Ministry of Science and ICT and World Economic Forum (WEF) with the aim to work together in developing the core Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies in the pursuit of “inclusive growth”.

Link to KAIST Campus News: “Korea Policy Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Opens”