Innovation Workshop Series: Ophthalmology

The third edition of “Swiss-Korean Innovation Workshop Series” was held on the topic of Ophthalmology. The goal of the Innovation Workshop Series is to bring together Swiss and Korean partners from industry and academia willing to collaborate in R&D. The role of Science & Technology Office is to bring together interested parties from the two countries to accelerate innovation and provide a neutral location for open discussion. At the third edition “Ophtalmology”, the interested parties were Novartis Korea and Korean start-up GtreeBNT.

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GtreeBNT is a one of the few biotech start-ups in Korea in ophthalmic space specializing in dry eye syndrome. Currently, GtreeBNT is developing a prescription eye drops for dry eye indication. Their product is currently in Phase III clinical trials which is very advanced from a start-up’s stand point.

During the workshop, the technology background of GtreeBNT’s product was explained. GtreeBNT also shared their experience in shifting research into commercial-able medical product. Novartis team provided some helpful feedback to GtreeBNT from a global pharmaceutical’s stand point.

This meeting has helped GtreeBNT’s business decision making greatly. The collaborative discussion of the two parties not only provided an overview of the ophthalmology research and its market, but also specifically focused concerning lack of proper treatment of dry eye problems and options for the indication.