EPFL students’ study trip – MX on Tour

15 Bachelor students of Materials Science and Engineering of EPFL and professor visited Korea for MX on Tour program.

After a weekend of Seoul tour, on Aug. 26 they had a meeting at Seoul National University (SNU) Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) Department with the Head of the department, Prof. Chan Park. The students had a change to visit SNU Research Institute of Advanced Materials as well as MSE laboratories. They also made a visit to LG Science Park in Magok, Seoul, in the afternoon of the day. They toured around the Integrated Support Center of the Science Park and also attended a seminar held by Dr. Yoonghoon Yoon, an EPFL Alumnus.

On Tuesday Aug. 27, Mix on Tour participants visited Samsung Innovation Museum in Suwon and they especially took a close look on innovative approaches that Korean Electronic Industries have made so far in Korea, focusing on Samsung’s contribution to them. In the afternoon, the students went to Daejeon for a visit to KAIST, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. The students could visit Academic Cultural Complex, KAIST Analysis Center for Research Advancement in addition to the Department of Materials Science and Engineering.

On August 28, EPFL MX on Tour students spent a day in Gyeongju, Korean city referred to as “Museum without walls” due to a great number of major historical sites in the city. They had a cultural tour visiting Korean traditional Buddist Temples, ancient palace and tomb, observatory, museum and many more.

The day after, August 29, started off with a meeting at POSTECH in Pohang with Prof. Frédéric Barlat. The meeting took place in Graduate Institute for Ferrous Technologies, GIFT, and also went on in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. In the afternoon, the students visited POSCO Pohang. They were able to take a look around steel making plant and learn about steel industry in Korea as well as the overall process POSCO goes through in producing customized steel which meets each buyer’s demand.

The closing ceremony and reception for EPFL MX on Tour program took place together with ARC-HEST Summer School on Friday, August 30 at the Embassy of Switzerland.

The participants of both programs also shared their own experiences over the past weeks in Korea and he closing ceremony then ended with a great networking.