APRIL 27TH – 30TH: Swiss Medical Technology Start-Ups Visit Korea

The Science and Technology Office Seoul will support Swiss medical technology start-ups in their fact-finding and validation tasks in the Korean market with a specially tailored 3-day program. This program is supported by Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI) of Switzerland and the Swiss-Korean Life Science Initiative, a public-private partnership that nurtures Swiss-Korean innovation in medical technology and life science.


The program is co-organized by Korea University Hospital’s Medical Device Clinical Trial Center.

The following Swiss start-ups will participate in the visit:

  • Domo Safety – home care: preventive and emergency monitoring
    • Domo Safety provides service and monitors the daily routines of the customer through wireless sensors plaed in homes. Using a multilevel alarm system, they provide most immediate medical information of a customer to correspond with their caregivers (emergency call centers, nurses, families, etc..).


  • Lunaphore Technologies – tumor analysis and classification platform
    • Lunaphore Technologies provides fast fluid exchange technologies in pathobiology for classifying tumors. In comparison to the current method, immunohistochemistry (IHC), Lunaphore Technologies provides faster and more orecise test method by controlling assay and staining time which can be shortened.


  • Qloudlab – remote blood monitoring platform for chronic disease patients
    • Qloudlab develops guaranteed devices in remote monitoring, secured online storaging and trent analysis unlike the services of the current point-of-care-testing devices.


  • Mimedis – custom made implants for different CMF (Cranio-Maxillo-Facial) applications
    • Mimedis focuses on design and manufacture of patient specific bone implants and offers any bone-related disciplines for surgeons. Developed surgical solutions for complex CMF reconstructions and osteotomies are supportive to surgeons and individual patient’s treatments and outcomes as well.


The program will feature three days:

27. April:  Introduction of each start-ups and workshop sessions on the Korean market, IP protection and certification issues.  Start-up pitching & networking event will be held at Embassy of Switzerland in the Republic of Korea.

28. April: Various visits to hospitals and clinical trial centers in Korea.

29. April: Free for networking & B2B meetings