2 June — Opening: “Tighten The Loop. Retain The Value”

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Value creation in the Circular Economy
Opening of the 2020 Swiss-Korean Innovation Week

  • Remote event on ZOOM
  • Open to public audience upon registration
  • Format: Open talk and panel discussion

Nowadays, there is a strong need for change from a linear to a circular economy model, aiming to retain the value created across the chain.

As stated in an interview by two Mc Kinsey partners supporting companies in this transition “[this need] comes from major shifts in resources and constraints in regulatory environment; consumers are changing their behaviors, and technology enables us to do things differently. However, the circular approach somehow profoundly challenges the way companies operate. Contrary to general thinking, the circular economy isn’t the latest sustainability fad and shouldn’t be thought of as a recycling or green program. It requires top-down management and change across a company, including choose of raw materials, reevaluating product design, business models, and the supply chain.”

Rethinking the different steps of the value chain requires disruptive innovation, achievable through collaboration with the research world to find creative solutions. Open innovation is not usually what companies are the most comfortable doing and strong efforts are requested to implement these type of solutions. Additionally, consumers’ behavior also play a fundamental role in this transition.

During the opening of the Swiss-Korean Innovation Week, decision-makers from the industrial world will present and openly discuss their progresses and challenges of the transition to the circular economy.

JongKyu Jang, Director, Latitude Inc. Korea

As a key member of Latitude Inc. JongKyu has been developing sustainable solutions to minimise environmental impact and maximise the brand value of the companies Latitude represents. JongKyu has inspired and led a number of innovative collaboration programmes for both large corporates and start-ups in the sustainability space.
JongKyu also oversees multiple marketing programmes and collaboration projects between international entities and Korean corporates as part of a broader in-market representation function. Before joining Latitude JongKyu was a Sales Specialist at Korea Yakult and held various positions related to sales, training, planning and oversight.

Sze Tan, CTO and Executive Vice-President, CJ CheilJedang
Karsten Kühme, CEO, Nestle Korea
Chai-Un Hahn, Team Leader, Sustainability Strategy Team, Korea Business Council for Sustainable Development

Grace Kim, Head of Global Packaging R&D, CJ CheilJedang
Geraldine O’Grady, Head of Sustainability, Flavours division