Introduction to Swiss-Korean Innovation Week 2019

Under the flagship of the 4th Industrial Revolution, countries all around the world promote R&D as innovation growth engine. Technologies which some years ago appeared as the result of a science fiction are now here, tangible reality in our everyday life. However, the key for the continuous value creation from R&D results is to find innovative solutions to social issues by the convergence of the existing technologies.

During the Swiss-Korean Innovation Week 2019 experts from Switzerland and Korea active in the academic and industrial worlds are expected to bring visions and examples for a “smart living” through the convergence of technologies in services, which make our cities more sustainable. Nowadays, highly densely populated areas of our planet highlight the need to find new alternative ways to facilitate communication, mobility and management of data; climate change warns our governments on the importance of investments in new renewable resources; aging society asks for more attention to customized healthcare. The integration and combination of the achievements in the fields of artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, IoT and intelligent materials offer the potential to answer many of the open questions in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

South Korea is a perfect soil where brainstorming around those topics due to its dynamism and leading position in the field of smart technologies thanks to the presence of giants as Samsung and LG. Moreover, the current policy of Korean Government pays high attention to the strategic development of intelligent infrastructures and services.

Switzerland is a world champion in sustainability thanks to the attention paid to green energy and recycling. The development of innovative materials and devices is the result of high quality research in centers attracting visionary brains from all over the world.

From the meeting between scientists and entrepreneurs from the two countries having complementary expertise, the Swiss Korean Innovation week aims to bring new visions to the challenges of the 4th industrial revolution era.