Opening of the Global Research Center for Organ Mimetics at UNIST

On 3 September, the opening ceremony of the Global Research Center for Organ Mimetics took place at Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST). Established by trilateral cooperation of UNIST, University of Basel and Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine (WRIFM), the research center aims to further develop organ-on-a chip and 3D bio-printing technologies to accelerate the replacement of animal tests and to reduce time and cost of new drug discovery. This project was selected by the National Research Foundation of Korea as the 2018 Global Research and Development Center program. Basel is one of the world leading life science hubs with nearly 600 biotech companies in the region, including the headquarters of Roche and Novartis. In the opening ceremony, Daniel Derzic, Deputy Head of Mission of the Swiss Embassy, congratulated in the presence of Mr. Byeong-Ghi Song, Deputy Mayor of Ulsan Metropolitan City and Dr. Mooyoung Jung, President of UNIST, the three institutions for their innovative and future-oriented cooperation. He also expressed his opinion that this project offers an excellent platform to bridge South Korean, Swiss and US outstanding life-science ecosystems.