Cybathlon experience at the House of Switzerland in Pyongchang

As a conclusion of the “Swiss-Korean Innovation Week” (5-9 Feb. 2018), the Science and Technology Office of the Embassy of Switzerland organized the “CYBATHLON experience” on 11 February in the House of Switzerland in Pyongchang.


The first CYBATHLON was successfully launched in 2016 as an international championship in which people with disabilities or physical weakness use advanced assistive devices, including robotic technologies, to compete against each other. Similar to Paralympics but with a major focus on technology.

What was experienced by visitors in the House of Switzerland?

The first CYBATHLON was organized by ETH Zurich in 2016. In the House of Switzerland in Feb 2018, the visitors  participated to the so called ‘CYBATHLON Experience’, a new format to promote the interaction with the public at fairs, conferences or festivals.

 For example, visitors of House of Switzerland could experience Brain-Computer Interface Race. Four people can compete against each other, each wearing a headset to measure their brain activity. To win the BCI race, you have to be able to control concentration and relaxation within your brain. They could also assist to a demo in the disciplines of exoskeleton and wheelchair by two teams which participated to the completion in 2016.


CYBATHLON experience

Free event open to the public

Venue: House of Switzerland in Pyongchang

Date: Sunday the 11th of February

Time:  11am to 6pm