2015 Seedstars World Start-up Competition @ Seoul

Seedstars World returned to Seoul during their 2015 world tour pitching competition. 11 start-ups, ranging from software applications to hardware, which control drones through brain thinking and eye movement, pitched to the local and international jury. Each team was given 5-6 minute to captivate and inspire the juries with their creative ideas. The winning start-up was selected to fly to Switzerland to compete for at least $1.5 million in investment. Christian Schneider, Head of the Science & Technology Office was part of the jury and introduced the vibrant and tech-focused start-up scene in Switzerland to an audience of about 100 people.Logo-SSW-PNG-1280x300

Seedstars collaborated with Maru 180, one of the leading incubators in Seoul,  and designated a start-up PR specialist from G3 Partners as the Seedstars Ambassador and its local partner in Korea.



To round-off the energetic and exciting event, the over 100 Seedstars Seoul attendees were also treated to a Swiss style buffet, sponsored by the Science & Technology Office. Many start-up related organizations, investors and entrepreneurs came to the event, which created a great local networking opportunity for STO. The final winner was Eggbun, a platform to help the language learners practice communication via chat without needing to search for a language partner.



The winner Eggbun won a trip to Lausanne, Switzerland to meet with other international winners, Swiss peers and will get introduced to EPFL and its innovation park. Eggbun will automatically be entered into the global competition pool. The Korean start-up, Flitto won the Seedstars Global Competition 2013, KPOP United was awarded as 2nd in 2014.


This year, Seedstars was accompanied by the Managing Director of Inmarsat and AP-Swiss, José Achache to support their scanning the global market for innovations in the satellite technology field.

For the winner and follow-up startups at 2nd and 3rd places, Freitag, originally a Swiss startup which transformed into a global trendsetter in bags, also congratulated the winners with gifts.